Sports Enhancement I first came to Dr. Fynaardt in the summer. I came to see the doctor because I was having difficulty when I was trying to play soccer and baseball with my friends. My mom always thought that my feet kind of turned in when I ran since I was very young. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I am very happy with my results. I am now able to run faster and play a mean game of soccer. I am very glad my grandmother told me I should come and see Dr. Fynaardt!

Colic / Digestive Problems Twins We were born on June 11. When we came home from the hospital, our mommy and daddy noticed that we did not have bowel movements regularly and sometimes we spit-up during of after our feedings. This made our tummies hurt and sometimes we did not sleep very well. Then we came to Dr. Fynaardt and things started to change for the better. Dr. Fynaardt was so kind and gentle. After a few treatment sessions, we started to keep our food down better and our mommy and daddy had to change our diapers more frequently if you know what we mean. Our tummies felt so much better and sleeping was much more relaxing. We are much more content and happy now and when we are happy so are our mommy and daddy. Thank you Dr. Fynaardt!

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        Ultralign information

Ultralign Overview

Explaining Waveforms
Ultralign Analysis

Ultralign Adjustment 

Revolutionizing Traditional Treatment

When you go to a chiropractor for treatment, that chiropractor - before treating you - will assess your current physical health by palpating your spine - examining you to determine your range of motion and joint fluidity. When there is a loss of range of motion that impacts the nerves this is referred to as subluxation.

Ultralign electronically manages the palpation that is normally handled manually by the chiropractor - giving the doctor a much more accurate reading of your vertebra's motion and joint fluidity. This quickly and efficiently gives the chiropractor a clear picture of your spinal health so that a treatment plan can be created accordingly.

When you come to Advanced Family Chiropractic you will receive an accurate analysis of your spinal health and we will work together to define a plan that is comfortable for you in helping you reach your health goals. We are the Milwaukee , WI chiropractor that patients turn to for cutting-edge care. This is what to expect when Ultralign is used in our office:

The first step...
You will meet with your chiropractor to talk about your overall health, medical history and any symptoms or discomfort that you may be experiencing. At this time, the chiropractor will ascertain your goals for treatment and your comfort level with adjustments so that your treatment plan can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

The chiropractor will then use the computer analysis available through Ultralign to scan your spine and isolate those areas that may be of concern. The analysis gathered from Ultralign is automatically graphed to a computer monitor so that the doctor can clearly see the  information and make a corrective plan.

In addition to providing analysis, Ultralign also provides treatment through Resonant Force impulses applied to areas of discomfort or that have been identified as problem areas through the initial scan. These treatments are gentle but effective and work to reduce the subluxation and relieve nerve pressure and pain. Once the pressure is relieved, the nerve is able to freely transmit and receive signals from the brain, increasing range of motion.

Ultralign will continue to be used to take subsequent readings and compare results following treatment.



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