Colic / Digestive Problems Twins We were born on June 11. When we came home from the hospital, our mommy and daddy noticed that we did not have bowel movements regularly and sometimes we spit-up during of after our feedings. This made our tummies hurt and sometimes we did not sleep very well. Then we came to Dr. Fynaardt and things started to change for the better. Dr. Fynaardt was so kind and gentle. After a few treatment sessions, we started to keep our food down better and our mommy and daddy had to change our diapers more frequently if you know what we mean. Our tummies felt so much better and sleeping was much more relaxing. We are much more content and happy now and when we are happy so are our mommy and daddy. Thank you Dr. Fynaardt!

Sports Enhancement I first came to Dr. Fynaardt in the summer. I came to see the doctor because I was having difficulty when I was trying to play soccer and baseball with my friends. My mom always thought that my feet kind of turned in when I ran since I was very young. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I am very happy with my results. I am now able to run faster and play a mean game of soccer. I am very glad my grandmother told me I should come and see Dr. Fynaardt!

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        Ultralign information

Ultralign Overview

How does it work?
Ultralign Analysis

Ultralign Adjustment 

The Ultralign's Waveforms

In explaining how Ultralign works we talk about how we use this technology to scan the spinal column during which time Ultralign "reads" weaknesses such as reduced range of motion and joint fluidity. This information, when gathered through Ultralign, is then communicated from the head of the equipment - the part being employed to scan - to Ultralign computer. The information, once it reaches the computer, is detailed in a waveform graph that is easily Ultralign can measure motion levels precisely and can tell whether the motion of the vertebra is too fluid or too rigid. Lower waveforms communicate a softer or more fluid surface surface; higher waveforms communicate a more rigid surface.

See the example graph below in which Ultralign is performing analysis on a soft pillow - the information from which is transformed to a waveform graph and provides a roadmap of the surface.

Imagine how drastically Ultralign has changed the face of chiropractic care. Through its use we are able to combine traditional practices with state-of-the-art technology for the most optimum results. No issue goes unnoticed with Ultralign. no problem remains hidden. Ultralign is fast, painless and completely accurate - giving us the very best resources for isolating those areas of the body that need attention.

As Milwaukee chiropractors we are always concerned with providing our patients with the most up-to-date technology. We believe that advancements such as Ultralign offer more possibilities in the world of chiropractic care and more opportunities for effectively treating patients and helping them achieve a pain-free life and their best health.

We are proud to use the Ultralign in our office and feel strongly that it provides us the most accurate analysis. With the most information at our fingertips we are able to best help our patients which is, of course, our ultimate goal. If you have questions about Ultralign or would like to learn more, please contact our team. We will be happy to answer your questions and better familiarize you with this revolutionary piece of equipment.



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